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Other Munday Press

Beginning in 1985, our staff has been churning out timely tech–laden writings for the chronically curious. Starting with a column in dB Magazine, Other Munday minions have uncovered the latest and greatest gadgetry to grace the ears of eager audio enthusiasts everywhere.

On Demand

After receiving a host of inquiries about FLACs, DACs, Macs and ALACs, Staffer OMas decided to write up a blog entry or two on music servers and file–based music enjoyment for the home. Hundreds of hours later, 16 months of hammering away at the keyboard and more research than you can shake an oxygen–free cable at, a new book was created, one that covers the buzz, the gear and the underlying tech that has makes high fidelity music files one of the fastest growing and most divisive phenoms in the audiophile community.

To Serve & Groove

Weighing in at an easy–to–digest 120 pages, with semi–copius illustrations and a comprehensive hyperlinked table of contents and index, To Serve & Groove takes you step by step through all the components that let you assemble a world class music server for your home. You’ll be able to enjoy music just as the mastering engineer heard it, with all its subtlety and power intact.

Carve out some time, don your thinking cap and sit down for some critical listening, as we assemble that most modern of audiophile components, the computer–based hi–fi music player. Tune in, turn on (your stereo) and drop everything, a new world of music enjoyment awaits…


Magic Eye HiFi Zine’s John Reekie

“…purchasing this book is a complete no-brainer…just get one.”

Magic Eye Stereophile’s Michael Lavorgna

“…for those people who are curious about file-based playback…Mr. Masciarotte has provided a nice collection of information in one place and he's done so in a friendly and eminently approachable and understandable way.”

Magic Eye The HBproject’s Hans Beekhuyzen

“Het boek is dan ook een aanrader voor iedereen die meer wil weten over digitale high-end audio.”

“The book is highly recommended to anyone that wants to know more about serious digital high-end.”

Magic Eye Parasound’s Richard Schram

“Your book is splendid! It has the right tone and makes concepts very clear.”

Magic Eye TNT Italia’s Lucio Cadeddu

“Non riesco a immaginare qualcuno al quale questo stile possa non piacere! L'autore riesce nel difficile compito di spiegare concetti ostici in un linguaggio assolutamente elementare!”

“I can't imagine someone who will find it boring!!! Yes, the author succeeds in making all those technical aspects fun to read and easy to understand…”

Magic Eye Magazine Audio’s Marc Philip

“Des heures de plaisir en perspective, un cadeau à faire ou à se faire pour célébrer la nouvelle année qui pointe le bout de son nez, ce livre est un indispensable à mettre entres toutes les mains.” Merci bien, Marc!

Magic EyeCatch Groove’s Axl

“To Serve & Groove is exactly the recipe book I needed…I now have a reference document to explore doing digital music right. ”

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Retail Outlets

Several versions of TS&G are now available, in paperback and electronic form. Take a look at a (620 kB) PDF Preview here…For iOS, TS&G is available in the Books section of the iTunes Music Store. If you’re a NOOK fan, TS&G is available from Barnes & Noble.

Kindle readers now have two options…either purchase the Kindle Edition of TS&G or, you can save a bit of money and use the free and open source Calibre application to quickly and easily convert the EPUB version of TS&G into Amazon’s proprietary format. Visit to purchase your own EPUB copy of TS&G, suitable for most any eReader.

LuLu also carries a fully indexed, 181 page A5 bound edition. Remember those? They’re the delightfully tactile things that don’t need batteries. The paperback edition has a color cover and a black & white interior…Get yours today! Please let us know if you are interested in a A5 bound edition with color illustrations. The cost is US$54, and each one is printed just for you.

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From iPod to iPad, from Mac to PC, the PDF version is a lovely read on any platform that supports PDF with a reasonably sized display. We have carefully laid out the book so both the PDF and hard copy are footnoted, indexed, and easy to read. In addition, the PDF has a hyperlinked Table of Contents, hyperlinked Index, and plentiful hyperlinked footnotes. Distribution for the PDF version is priced at US$5.99, and is direct from us. Please let us know if you would like to purchase a copy.